Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Orphanage of Doom by Isabella Fontaine & Ken Brosky

Title: The Orphanage of Doom
Series: The Grimm Chronicles
Author: Isabella Fontaine & Ken Brosky
Previous Books in Series: Prince Charming Must Die!, Happily Never After, Revenge of the Castle Cats
Rating: 4 stars
Length: 3640 Kindle units (includes fairy tales)

Refresher: Alice must save the world from corrupted fairy tale creatures with the aid of a magical pen and an invisible rabbit named Briar.

I thoroughly enjoyed this most recent installment of The Grimm Chronicles. In it, Alice faces some of the less well known characters from fairy tales, namely the fiddler from The Miser in the Bush and stepmother and stepsister from The Juniper Tree.

Other new developments worth of mention? Alice goes back to school for her senior year of high school, which introduces use to some new characters – including possibly a new boy. Of course, it is hard to think of romance when you’re fighting for your life, and when your last boyfriend turned out to be a homicidal maniac. Alice’s friend Seth is still happy to help out with the creature killing, and we continue to wonder why he is still dating party girl Tricia. Briar has developed an extremely entertaining fear of becoming visible. And it seems that Alice’s parents aren’t going to let her keep her unpredictable demon-killing hours forever.

Other than that, not much to say. It was a good addition to the saga, and I’m looking forward to the next one coming out at the end of December.

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