Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Susan's Summer by Maddy Edwards

Title: Susan’s Summer
Series: One Black Rose
Author: Maddy Edwards
Previous Books in Series: One Black Rose, August, Autumn
Rating: 4 stars
Length: 5326 Kindle units

Refresher: Series about fairies where the princes choose their mates by giving them black roses. But most of what happened in the first three books isn’t all that important for this book. Except that Holt died, and Susan is REALLY sad.

Susan’s Summer opens with Susan and her friend Mae going on a quest to find Susan’s betrothed. She has a letter that indicates that her parents engaged her to someone before they died, but she has no idea who this is. So she plans a summer road trip where she will visit fairy courts and try to find out who made this deal with her parents. If you are thus expecting a book in which we visit different fairy courts and meet a variety of interesting people, as I was, you are going to be disappointed. After an embarrassing confrontation at a bar early in the road trip, Susan and Mae are rescued by the mysterious and reclusive Arsenal fairies and are persuaded to stay for increasingly long periods of time while scary and mysterious things go on.

My biggest problem with Susan’s Summer was that not too much happened in it. By the time I was a quarter of the way through the novel, I had to make myself pick it up because I felt like I was just being told that Susan was sad over and over again. As the book went on, things started to pick up, but I was really hoping for some killer twist that never happened. All in all I felt like this book was a stopgap in between the first three books and the next one, where I suspect Susan will be looking for Logan.

At the end of Autumn, I was pretty sure it was going to be the last one in the One Black Rose series, which worked for me, because I liked the end. But then Maddy Edwards announced she was doing a spin-off about Susan, and I thought that was cool. I actually like it when series branch out and explore the other characters. And now there are going to be more books about Susan and Autumn, which continues to be exciting because they are both likable characters. So I’m looking forward to the next books. Provided it is understood that we LIKED the ending to Autumn and don’t want it messed up.

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