Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Awry by Chelsea Fine

Title: Awry
Series: Archers of Avalon
Author: Chelsea Fine
Previous Books in Series: Anew
Rating: 5 stars
Length: 8982 Kindle units

Refresher: Scarlet is doomed to die over and over because of a curse she shares with immortal twin brothers Tristan and Gabriel.

I am doing something for the first time today, and that is going back and adding the first book in a series to my quick pick list because I liked the second one so much. I really liked Anew when I read it, but I left it at only four stars because I spent the entire book waiting for Scarlet to remember Tristan, or at least for someone to provide us with the backstory, and it never happened. But Awry has satisfied my need to know about Scarlet’s past and then some. And now if someone reads Anew and says, “Argh, but I still don’t know what the deal with the tattoo is,” all they need to do is pick up the new one and have all their curiosity satisfied.

Of course, since I’m only now encouraging you to read Anew, I have to review Awry without any spoilers for the first book. As I implied in the first paragraph, we get a lot more history than we did in the first book. The story alternates between events that take place in the present time and the events leading up to the curse in 1538. After Anew, I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what had happened in Scarlet’s past lives, but I found out in Awry that I actually knew nothing. If and when Scarlet recovers her memories, she will most likely want to have a conversation with the Archer brothers over what constitutes a sufficient explanation of her past lives. And if you think you knew which brother was right for Scarlet after Anew, you might find yourself changing your mind after Awry. I mean, I didn’t, but the other team did gain more sympathy points.

Other than that… Heather is still irritating. Nate is still awesome. The character that I kept thinking was going to be evil in Anew turned out to be evil. So, really, satisfying all around. I recommend them both and am now heartily anticipating the next one.

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