Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Uncertainty by Abigail Boyd

Title: Uncertainty
Series: Gravity
Author: Abigail Boyd
Previous Books in Series: Gravity
Rating: 4 stars
Length: 4425 Kindle units

Refresher: Ariel sees the ghosts of missing girls, and their disappearances seem to point to something much more sinister going on in the town of Hell.

Uncertainty is a very good continuation of the story that began in Gravity. It centers on what happened to Ariel’s friend Jenna, who had disappeared three months before the beginning of the first book and whose body was found at the end. Assisting Ariel in this process is Jenna herself, though her ghost form refuses to focus on the circumstances surrounding her death. But she definitely gives Ariel motivation to investigate this newfound ability to communicate with ghosts – if only to confirm that she’s not going insane.

Abigail’s true (/only) love Henry did not win too many points with me in this book. Ariel is not sure whether she can trust him because she thinks he may be lying when he says he really likes her. This is a totally fair consideration on her part, since he goes back and forth between kissing her and dating her archenemy. But I think the bigger issue is not whether he really likes her but whether he will keep waffling back and forth between wanting to be with her and thinking they should be apart. Because even though his motives are understandable, his lack of reliability is unattractive.

Avid readers of my blog will recall that one of my biggest potential problems with Gravity was that I had no idea what the root cause of all the supernatural phenomena was. After reading Uncertainty, I feel more than 50% certain of what the answer is, but we get more in the way of death omens than actual answers. I’m okay with this, but I think that I will definitely want some answers by the end of the third book, or I will start to lose patience. I don’t need all the answers, of course, because then why would I want to read more of the story? But some answers would be appropriate.

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