Monday, April 2, 2012

Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Title: Silver Knight
Series: Silver
Author: Caron Rider
Length: 3590 Kindle units
Rating: 4 stars

The Plot

Diana has a perfectly normal life for a seventeen year old girl, except that she has recurring nightmares about fighting demons – and being killed a man named Alexander over and over again. When she sees a man from her dreams pleading for help against demons in Rome, she realizes that she is experiencing true memories of her previous incarnations as a demon fighter. She meets up with some fellow Warriors of the Light and travels to Rome to fight, as she knows is her destiny. But once she is there, she runs into Alexander. He seems to want to help her now, but how can she trust a man who has caused her death so many times?

The Good

I read Silver Knight in one sitting, which is the first time I have done that with a book that someone asked me to read. Usually I have to portion them out a little bit a day, even when I really like them, but something about Silver Knight sucked me in. I also found myself wanting to go back and reread parts that I particularly liked

I found it really interesting to read about the past lives of both Diana and her fellow Warriors. I enjoyed the retellings of Biblical or mythological tales that decided to tell us what really happened. A lot of this was watching Diana die in various famous disasters, but sometimes we got to see her ordinary lives in historical contexts. For concept, I put these stories into “The Good,” but to some extent I also have to put them under

The Bad

Four chapters out of what was not a long book opted to tell the stories of Diana’s fellow Warriors of the Light and how they had come to the cause in both current and past lives. But really, through all of them, I really wanted to be getting back to Diana and the main plot. I think the book would have been better served to either flesh these characters out with their own subplots or not included them at all. As it is, I felt like I was reading a series of short stories rather than a novel, and all the disjunction prevented me from getting totally involved with the characters.

I found Diana’s story at bit confusing as well at some points. There was one place where I read about 7 pages into a scene before I realized that it was actually taking place in the 1920’s or 30’s. Then I had to go back and reread the scene, whereupon a realized that there really wasn’t a clue to the time frame we were working with. I also thought that her school life was very separated from her Warrior life. It was hard to reconcile the nerdy girl who loved her book club better than anything with the Warrior we saw historic tales of. And I definitely didn’t understand why she wanted to bring her book club friends with her to a war in Rome.

The Romance

I really enjoyed the romance in Silver Knight, but I confess that it was rather against my will. See, the basic premise is that Alexander is a (super-hot) immortal demon who has killed Diana repeatedly in her past lives. But she also remembers lives where they have been married, and other lives where she was desperately hoping that he would appear but never did. So when he finally shows up in this life, we don’t know whether he wants to kill her or love her. But regardless, we really want them to admit their love for each other and be together until the end of time. Or something like that. Even though he killed her. A lot. A pox upon you, my ceaseless desire for the bad boy to get the girl.

Will I read more?

I would like to read more of the story, I believe. It left off in a bit of a way that makes me worry we’re going to have more about Diana’s boring book club life and less about her awesome demon-slaying life, but I like to hope there will be a happy medium. And, you know, I need to find out whether she and Alexander can get past their issues. I’m guessing yes, but the only way to be sure is to read more.

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