Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rival Demons by Sarra Cannon

Title: Rival Demons
Series: Peachville High Demons
Author: Sarra Cannon
Rating: 5 stars
Length: 3907 Kindle units

Refresher:  Harper must run away from the (evil) town of Peachville into the realm of the shadow demons or face certain death!

Welcome once more as I pay homage to how much I love Sarra Cannon’s Peachville High Demons series. The next time you hear from me about the topic, it will likely consist of me being both excited and disappointed at the end of the series. (/compulsively checks the word meter on Sarra Cannon’s web page)

Rival Demons was quite different from the previous books in the series in that it took place in the Shadow Demon realm instead of Earth as we know it. But this actually makes the story more interesting, as it adds a (literally!) whole other dimension to the story. A few days after I finished the book, I found myself remembering bits of the story and thinking, “That was a really good scene. I have to read more by that author.” Then I realized it was a series I was already in love with. But I got to be grateful that the series took a new and interesting twist and still managed to stay good, as so many do not.

And I can’t do an entire Peachville High Demons review without mentioning once again how much I love Jackson. He is not at his best in this story, and for a while he loses ALL HIS POINTS. (Don’t worry. He gets most of them back. It’s way too late in the series for a new love interest. Plus, none would be as awesome as Jackson.)  We also find out his real name, although they keep calling him Jackson anyway. I understand that this is because it would be way too confusing to change the name of one of the major characters in the second-to-last book. I just think that someone would say, “Gee, Jackson, would you rather us call you by your real name instead of the name given to you buy the people who have held you hostage for 50 years?” But then, he expects Harper to stay locked up in her room for most of the book, so maybe he doesn’t deserve the courtesy.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I loved Rival Demons as much as all the other books in the series, and as soon as we get a release date, I will be counting the days to Demons Forever.

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