Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Intuition by Amy A. Bartol

Title: Intuition
Series: Premonition
Author: Amy A. Bartol
Previous Books in Series: Inescapable
Rating: 4.5 stars
Length: 7809 Kindle Units (includes preview of book 3)

Refresher:  Evie goes off to college, where paranormal things start happening to her. Like she has to choose between her soulmate Russell and an angel named Reed.

I have mentioned on occasion that I have a friend who reads all the books that I strongly recommend on my blog. He read Inescapable and, like me, thought it was good except for the transcribed accents and rampant sexism. The accents bothered him more, but all they did for me was make me associate Russell with the most stereotypical southerner I ever met in a college setting. Which may account for a lot of why I don’t like Russell. My friend did not have this issue and is firmly on Team Russell, whereas I am on Team Reed. Apparently my friend does not consider angels as legitimate objects of attraction, while I, of course, am all about the hot boys with wings.

Inescapable, like its predecessor, features new avenues in both the transcribed accents and hot boys with wings. We add a large group of undead fairies with Irish accents, and Russell grows wings and consequently gets to start dramatically ripping his shirt off at inopportune moments. Russell also gets a few chapters from his point of view, which both disappoints my preference for narrative continuity and worries me as a Reed fan. The only legitimate reason for including chapters from Russell’s point of view is to say, “Don’t worry, guys. It looks like Reed is going to win, but I’ll be pulling through in the end.” And, honestly, if that were the case, I really think there should have been chapters from Russell’s point of view in the first book as well. So even if I didn’t hate Russell more than is likely warranted, I would still be confused by the change in pov.

I feel a bit as though I am continually saying bad things about the series, but the truth is that it’s really good and eminently readable. After I finished Intuition, I spent about two days quite desperate for more, and my friend who read Inescapable is happy to move onto the sequel. So, though I complain, really, props all around.

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