Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blood Past by Samantha Young

Title: Blood Past
Series: Warriors of Ankh
Author: Samantha Young
Previous Books in Series: Blood Will Tell
Rating: 5 stars
Length: 5678 Kindle units

Refresher:  Eden is a soul-eater trying desperately to refrain from eating souls (mmm nummy souls). Her friend Noah might have a way to help her, if she proves herself worthy.

I am profoundly grateful to have found the works of Samantha Young. She has so far published 8 novels and has another one coming out March 16. I have purchased 6 of these and read 3, and thus far they are all of excellent quality and significant-but-not-unnecessary length. This means that I have a refuge to go to when I need to read a book that I know will not be terrible. This is not to say that all, or even most, of the self-published YA paranormal books I read are terrible, but the process of sifting through them all IS a bit of a crap shoot. Consequently, there are days when I feel that I have read so many less-than-mediocre books that I need to find something with a guarantee of readability, and Samantha Young provides that.

I read Blood Past almost as soon as I finished Blood Will Tell, and I was not disappointed in any way. In fact, the things that bothered me in the first book (no romance, the Ankh holding out on Eden for no good reason, descriptions of Eden’s family’s unspeakable crimes) were largely absent in this second installment.

The book takes place primarily in Scotland, and I really enjoy the dialect differences between the Scottish and American characters. I always find it a bit irritating in books when the European characters sound the same as the American characters. But the Scottish Neith have distinctly different speech patterns from the Americans, and sometimes even mock their pronunciation of local cities. Samantha Young does have an advantage in her dialects, being from and residing in Scotland, but then, there is a reason they say “Write what you know.”

I haven’t read book 3 yet, but it is definitely on my list.

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  1. Agreed, I loved her Lunarmorte series. I can't wait for her to get whatever issues she has with Barnes and Noble sorted out so I can keep reading her books on my nook!!